Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Busways Bus Driver With Early Morning Depot Issues!

I have just heard of something that is creating issues for Busways bus drivers picking up buses in Glendinning Bus depot.
Not Busways Glendinning Depot  -
yet it is a State Transit Depot

So although we see traffic jams with buses in Mount Druitt bus interchange, bus upon bus driver waiting for moments for a bus to move and allow the other bus to pass. This is is just a start to chaos that is presented to bus drivers at Glendinning bus depot.

When bus drivers arrive early in the morning to pick up buses. they are not designated the buses in the front of the depot, they are sometimes designated buses 4 or 5 buses behind the front of the first depot.  So that means buses cannot leave early to commence their trips, they have to wait for other bus drivers to move out 4-5 buses before they are ready to commence their trips.

This can cause delays. Have you been waiting early in the morning and your bus has arrived late? Let us know of any story you have that the world needs to know.

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