Friday, November 23, 2012

Whalan Commuter Requests A Few Public Transport Improvements

Amazing I met another person from Whalan from our population of  over 5,500. It is a small world with wonderful good people in it! Yes I met Sam from Whalan - travels one-off this week  from Mount Druitt to Town Hall for personal  reasons.

He would like to see improvements in trains in summer time  as so far he has been catch  no air-conditioning trains this week and they are old trains.  He finds it  bad and he finds everyone needs the air to keep cool from the heat. Currently people open carriage doors between carriages to bring some coolness to the carriage. Sam says the simple solution is replace old trains with new ones!

In Mount Druitt train station, he would like to see replacement with electronic sign-age, so that current train time table can be  provided to Mount Druitt commuters, by reading  in the concourse as well as the platforms as well. People will know what train to catch when.

Sam would also like to see lifts at Rooty & Doonside train station so that old people and families with trolleys struggle to take up and down stairs to the platform.

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