Friday, November 30, 2012

Blacktown Virgin Train Commuter Requires More Express Trains!

Manish from Blacktown uses City Rail trains return to Town Hall from Blacktown, Monday to Friday.

He use to travel to the City by car for about a year but has found it expensive to do and has only been travelling  since early in the month and is so glad to travel on trains!

He would like to see more express trains which he claims  is every 1/2 hour increased to every 15 minutes from Blacktown to the city and return. He also understands that that would  mean more train driver and trains  to run on the tracks. By making this improvement, this would make his journey more comfortable and having a better lifestyle. He told myself of his first day catching trains earlier this month, he wasn't sure which train to get, so he ended getting an all stations train to the city and soon discovered express trains were an improvement for himself!

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