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Parts Of Shalvey Need Buses - St Marys-Mount Druitt Star

Neglected, stranded and angry Save

They would like the bus service to be returned to the previous stops & routes. Nearby Chestnut crescent doesn't have a sunday/public holiday service at all!

If you live in the wrong part of Shalvey, it may be quicker walking to Willmot to catch a bus. 
Live in the middle of Chestnut Crescent in Bidwill and don’t drive, you’re stuck at home for four days over Christmas unless you can afford cab fares
Commuters left stranded with no or minimal bus services live in hope, three years after services were axed or revamped in a regional bus route restructure.
While a community campaign in the Star saw some routes reinstated, not all were.
Residents hope Busways return those services when the company takes over the new contract for the Penrith, St Marys, Mount Druitt, Richmond and Windsor areas from April next year.
It's estimated 8 million bus trips are made in the region every year.
Transport Minister Gladys Berejikilan said services would be better under the new contract, including fine tuning to improve services and ensuring efficient connections, improved running times and a new control centre to monitor service delivery.
Mount Druitt Transport Commuters Group secretary Angela Plows had a bus stop in the street behind her when she moved to Shalvey in 1973. Later one was placed outside her house.
The only place many Shalvey residents have access to buses now is from Luxford Road, which is a 25-minute walk for some.
"The elderly and young families are isolated," Ms Plows said.
"We can't even catch a bus to Tregear shops anymore. We've gone backwards."
The suburb had problems with rocks being thrown at buses a few years ago.
"You can't hold the the community responsible for rock-throwing," Ms Plows said.
Bidwill resident Janet Cribbs expressed concern for the Chestnut Crescent residents who don't have services on Sundays or public holiday now the 762 service has been axed.
Not even Nine TV news coverage in 2010 revealing residents' Easter long weekend predicament could persuade the former state government to do anything.
Bidwill residents miss the days when they hopped on just one bus to Emerton shops or the pool.
The last services to Chestnut Crescent from Mount Druitt is 7.02pm weekdays, 4.27pm on Saturdays.
There are 5000 homes in or   off Chestnut Crescent, Mrs  Cribbs said.
"We've gone back to the Middle Ages," she said. "Our concerns have fallen off deaf ears. Whoever changed the services has never been out here."
Mrs Cribbs had this plea on behalf of Bidwill residents: "Please give us our bus back, seven days a week. We don't need an a half-hourly service. People would be happy with an hourly service."
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Janet Cribbs of Bidwill with Beresford Bourman of Blackett

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