Saturday, November 3, 2012

Headache Car Driver - Now Converted To Get To Work Relaxing On Public Transport - Erskine Park Commuter

Desilva, a recently converted public transport commuter gentleman enjoys the preference of travelling on public transport compared to headache private car driving to work.

Mount Druitt Train Commuters
His employer has moved to Lane Cove and his has just been travelling  on public transport the last month and notices great benefits and difference. He doesn't understand why everyone doesn't so the same!

He travels by car to Mount Druitt and parks his car in a car spot on the south side, coming from Erskine Park. He then catches a Cityrail train and changes at Town Hall/Wynyard train stations (depending how he feels) and then catches a bus to Lane Cove taking 16-20 minutes, overall  trip 1 1/2 hours.

Overall he finds travelling on public transport so relaxing and enjoying , not worrying of driving onto  heavily clogged roads like Victoria Road where traffic moves as fast as a snail at times.

What a man! I caught him travelling without his wife on the train, which he says she always travels with him but not today(yesterday) and if only she heard him say what he said to me - once heard she would have definitely feel so proud of him. So what did he say? 'I owe credit to my wife as she has been travelling on public transport for 8 years and she ask me to convert to public transport!'

This is where he is saying money on fuel, further running costs on cost  and better livability now.

His main issue is not that big to him but it is important for him to have a better lifestyle and others that catch trains at Mount Druitt train station. He issues are that the intercity trains from Central to Mount Druitt use to stop Parramatta, Blacktown and Mount Druitt, they are now stopping Parramatta, Blacktown and all stations to Penrith. He feels that as Mount Druitt is becoming a major transport hub, due to increased population and  public transport increased patronage  (like himself), considerations should be made to revert back to the better express intercity train that was provide to him before!

Not a bad suggestion - I don't think this will fall in on deaf ears! Cityrail listens!

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