Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Westbus New Reduced Time Running Changes - Time Tables - Region 1

Yes, although contracts are changing from Westbus to Busways and it appears from previous published stories, this could come to affect in April 2013, new reduced time table running, time tables are released by Westbus as from 26th November 2012.

What this actually means for the average commuter, we will find out in due course as we enter the new time tables.

Checkout their release of news, as  published on their website:

  • New timetable for Westbus routes in the Penrith, St Marys and Mt Druitt areas

    12 November, 2012
    From Monday 26 November 2012 there will be new timetables on routes 759, 770, 771, 774, 775, 776, 778, 779, 780, 781, 782, 784, 785, 786, 789, 791, 793, 795, 797 and 799 operated by Westbus and many bus services will have reduced running times.
    The changes include the introduction of hourly Sunday and Public Holiday services on route 799. Customers will have this new travel option between Glenmore Park and Penrith from 8am to 8pm. All these new services will be air conditioned low floor wheelchair accessible buses. 
    The route 782 service has been extended from Werrington to St Marys during the day on weekdays & Saturdays, replacing the route 782E shuttle service.
    To improve reliability to some school bus services, we have increased coordination with school start and finish times. 
    The changes have been made in response to community feedback and are designed to help improve the reliability, convenience and availability of bus services in this community.
    New timetables are available online and distributed to customers using these services from Monday 19 November 2012. 
    The revised timetable for route 759770771774, 775, 776778779,  780781782784785,786789795791793797,799commencing Monday 26 November 2012 are now available online.
    Customers are advised to check their service times for any changes that may affect their normal travel plans. For trip planning visit or call 131500.

    Westbus Sign On Bus

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