Friday, November 2, 2012

Finaly Bus Stop 2770243 Has got a Bus Stop Sign!

History has been made! Nearly a record, to have a bus stop sign constructed: 22 years without a bus stop sign (or more), yet bus shelter always indicated it was a bus stop and after bus shelter was pulled down by vandals on the 4th October 2012, it took action  from my lone self to get things done - sorry to start to get things done.

Notified community members, they were upset, notified Transport Officer at Blacktown City Council and also Blacktown City Councillor (as Busways don't respond to us directly or come to commuter meetings - that shows you how interested they are).

Thank you everyone for getting it done with our help!

It is a shame that the 40km sign blocks it and bus drivers may not see it! Busways obviously didn't see that. It could have been placed closer to where the  bus shelter was - I couldn't see a bus stop number yet, as well!

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