Wednesday, November 21, 2012

'Lights On' For Busways Bus Driver!

This evening, I experienced such wonderful assistance from the Busways Driver, I thought I better mention it!

This lady commuter was searching for her pensioner excursion ticket as she entered the bus she kindly asked if she could find the ticket in her handbag on the bus. This was at the Mount Druitt Bus interchange when this happened!

As she sat on the seat behind the driver, the internal part of the bus was fairly dark and hard for the lady to do a proper search of her hand bag for her  pensioner excursion ticket. I kindly requested the driver to turn on the internal lights and he did so,  as a friendly response - within 30 seconds - she found her ticket!

I asked the driver to switch off the internal lights and thanked him kindly. With a great wide smile  appreciated the courteous discussions I had with him.

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