Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Solution to Children Running Amok And Destroying Public Transport Property (VIa Graffitti)

I have seen graffiti on paling fences, houses, outside shops, bus stop signs, streets footpaths with the tag of  'KBC'!

The other day I was entering a bus and a lady advised me she knew what it it translated to. It hurts me to say what it  stands for - in fact I wouldn't state what it states for as some people will be really shocked and think I am making it up. The main issue is children walking around the street with pens and paint spray cans in their hands, with one goal in mind, 'Destroy public property looking nice. We are big people if we do this and we do not care of community reaction.'

Well this kids get away with it, they win the community loses. The local community is asleep when this is done and yet the perception is  police will not arrive in time to reduce the culprits to this.

We have PCYC and Midnight basketball (Click Here for Midnight Basketball Mount Druitt) and we have Society of Creative Anachronism of Australia (Click Here for SCA details) .

This type of relaxation is where people get together and do medieval fighting, in a resectable way. This can give children another avenue to release their tension, pressure and not  release to streets living in a great community. 

Here is a link to the SCA Western Sydney for further information

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