Sunday, November 25, 2012

Westbus Bus Drivers Are Worried If they Lose Their Work Conditions: Years Of service, Sick Leave Entitlement Saved, Etc

Yes, bus drivers are talking of the New Bus Region 1 Contracts - although discussions do not really concern us, it concerns their life  and possibly how they perform their job.

Westbus bus drivers are worried of their entitlements not  being lost. That is  accrued sick leave, long service leave and also seniority ranking! I'm sure this is dealt with within the Bus Region 1 contracts between Transport for NSW, Ministry of Transport and  Busways to handle this this in a professional manner that will not create any upheaval and disturbance to  our future time tables.

On the good point Westbus bus drivers who live in  the Mount Druitt to Blacktown area , may be able to request to perform their duties in routes in this areas and also Busways bus driver who may live out west of Mount Druitt may be able to perform their duties of service  from west of mount Druitt!

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