Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Transport Ticket Pricing Expensive - Mount Druitt Commuter!

A very nice gentleman from Mount Druitt called Abu-Zer catches trains  from Mount Druitt to Town Hall on a weekly basis and before that he parks his car at the New Mount Druitt Commuter Car Park. which he likes very much.

He would like to see improvements in air-conditioned trains as  sometimes they are too hot or too cold and claims his son catches buses  and has told him  either  the buses don't come or they come late.

It would be major task to analyse data like how does it cost to bring on a new train and one other important issue is he claims our ticketing pricing system is expensive. The main thing that upsets him is you get used to a new priced ticket and shortly after the NSW Government rises the price of transport prices. His weekly ticket is $50 per week  yet thinks by comparison it should be $40 per week.

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