Friday, November 16, 2012

Busways Feedback On The New Bus Contracts Region - Mount Druitt Area

It is very pleasing when an important Public Transport Stake Holder, comes out  with warm welcoming arms to provide positive feedback for the future. Mr Andrew Glass, Group Services Development Manager, Busways has  allowed to publicise the following feedback on the new Bus Contracts Region 1:

The new contracts should see a further improvement in the provision of services – through better on-time running, extra infrastructure (bus stop timetables, etc) and enhanced reliability.  Whilst no new services have been proposed at this stage, Busways and Transport for NSW will continue to work together to identify areas of need and build them into future funding opportunities.  The NSW Government’s on-going Growth Buses Program is certainly delivering new services to developing areas, many of which are in the Blacktown and Penrith LGA’s (Local Government Areas). 

Editors notes: I would appreciate any feedback from the community regarding comment from Busways an any comments I will gladly refer to Mr. Glass.

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