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On-Time Running and Overcrowded Trains - Q & A State Parliament - Richard Amery MP Mount Druitt!

This supports what commuters I have interviewed in  over the past year and I don't think can be fixed straight away, it may take time:


Legislative Assembly



                                     MOTION ACCORDED PRIORITY

                                         Speech by Richard Amery MP

                                           Member for Mount Druitt

Tuesday, 20th November 2012


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Mr RICHARD AMERY (Mount Druitt) [3.55 p.m.]: I join the member for Keira in opposing this nonsense motion. Two government backbenchers spoke to a motion congratulating their Government on delivering better transport for the residents of New South Wales. But the motion begs the question: Where are the improvements? I turn to the contributions of those members who spoke on behalf of the Government.

The member for Londonderry, who moved the motion, had five minutes to outline why the Government should be congratulated on its improvements to transport. I can advise the House that for four minutes and 20 seconds he made various exaggerated claims about the former Government. He had five minutes to put his case and for four minutes and 20 seconds he waffled on, rehashing the past 18 months of attacks on the former Government by the Minister for Transport.

In the last 40 seconds he switched to arguing why the Government should be congratulated, and then used the last 10 seconds talking about his service as a helicopter pilot. Obviously flying a helicopter shakes a few things loose. That was evident from the member's speech today as it obviously shook up his memory.

The member for Londonderry asked where I was when meetings were held in Mount Druitt. I can answer that question: I was sitting alongside him, together with the member for Hawkesbury, who was also present.

The DEPUTY-SPEAKER (Mr Thomas George): Order! I advise the member for Mount Druitt that he has one minute in which to conclude his contribution.

Mr RICHARD AMERY: The member for Castle Hill gave three key reasons for congratulating the Government: consultation, plans and drilling. I want to know how many passengers are carried by consultation, plans and drilling. The answer is nil. He said the Government should be congratulated because it is delivering services. That is rhetoric; there is no detail.

Previous governments made many changes to bus services in western Sydney. Have they been reversed by this Government? No. Those opposite talk about plans and new bus services. But train on-time running is worse now than when they inherited the service. We met international benchmarks but this Government has dirtier trains that run slower.

It is cramming people onto overcrowded trains, and if its new sheriffs cannot get the passengers into the carriage they leave them on the platform. Those opposite want to be congratulated? They have got to be joking.


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