Wednesday, November 14, 2012

NSW Bus Contracts - How Do They Effect Commuters?

It was unbecoming to me that some commuters think there could be a complete negative affect on  time tables of buses around the area.

With my limited knowledge of bus contracts, it is simply very simple to resolve these thoughts. It is where bus operators are all tendering for  areas to manage and operate buses. The negotiations are top secret (and to me should be)  and  no direct feedback from community/ transport group because it is like this:  it is like anyone applying for a job with an employer and negotiating  what they will do provide the ultimate service. Even these dealings are kept within secrecy.

If anything, the commuter feedback is not required as it has no direct affect on the outcome. 

It doesn't have any negative affects of say reducing time tables and or services - that is done during the bus review program - this is where commuters/ transport advocacy groups need to have their say!

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