Wednesday, November 28, 2012

High Turn Around Of Bus Drivers - Does That Affect Time Tables?

Is this question true? When I look at the last 22 years, 20 years and even 10 years - there doesn't seem to be many bus drivers that have long service with Westbus or Busways.

Bus driving itself, is an important job that is required to be done to make the community have with continual bus time tabled services. I suppose that one thing I am pleased is that Bus Operators are able to ensure there are bus drivers fulfilling time tables. That in itself  may be difficult. Yet when you speak to bus drivers - some could be overqualified and others will be quite satisfied to  even have a paid job and there will the the rest that are using the job as a landing pad to other jobs in other industries.

Take my father (rest his soul), he came to the country as a professional tailor, yet he couldn't get a professional job in Australia as well as a professional tailor. He was also a truck driver in the NSW timber industry and work fixing roads  with gangs of men! Then the Conductor  job on a tram got his his career job as a bus driver and then Bus Inspector Third Class. I really respect his jobs and how he got to retirement - he was well respected at Waverley Bus Depot! Sorry got carried away!

So I think Bus Operators have to look at ways of keeping their workers and keeping them happy , so they provide good long service and this will not affect  bus time tables in a negative way!

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