Thursday, November 15, 2012

Penrith Commuter Strictly Needs Cleaner Hygienic Trains!

Today, a very nice young lady Chantelle from Penrith had  warned myself not to sit down in the middle of the three-seater seat as it had something like big splash of syrup on there.

I straight away acknowledged that I did sit there,  got a newspaper and  wiped off the syrup liquid - Chantelle provided some water, so that we can completely wiped off the syrup from the seat - great team effort. I didn't want somebody to sit on it - yet Chantelle told me it was too late for her he sat on it before she realised it!

After this and travelling on trains day to day - her main improvements on trains  that she would like to see as she travels to  study at Parramatta and Central is 'Cleanliness'! More cleaner trains required that will provide better hygiene and thus is doing this, it will provide better ventilation and make less commuters sick. 

By providing more cleaners on trains in the mornings and at night, this is also job creation, thus the commuters life will be more cleaner!

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