Thursday, October 6, 2011

'Y' Link Train Supporter - Whilst Listening To Unusual Train Station Announcements!

A Doonside lady commuter who travels to Picton quite regularly, found that on the return trip there are some funny train announcement by the station staff at Picton train station.

"Your train from Canberra to Sydney is running fifteen minutes late but still running on time according to timetables!''

Her thoughts are, 'What the heck does this mean, I do not know!' Other times,they advise that train will not stop at Granville (*as it is running late), the first stop was Campbelltown, Liverpool and then Central. This then makes her return trip to Doonside longer by creating longer waiting periods.This is where the Penrith to Liverpool 'Y' link train would be wholeheartedly beneficial to this Doonside lady commuter as well as other commuters that would make their life easier.

Let us hope that the NSW Government listens to us!

*based on the previous staff announcement of 15 minutes late.....this running late mentioned must be over 20 minutes or more!!!!!!

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