Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rumours: Full 755 Bus Service May Come Back!

This is the true story, first time heard from a  regular commuter, Marilyn from Whalan. She spoke to a female 755 Busways driver yesterday as a lady in front her wanted a  Busways 755 Timetable and was told it is no use as there will be new time tables issued within the next 2 weeks.

Well Marilyn took the initiative and asked the driver, 'What is happening with our Busways 755 buses?' She feared the response would be negative, she was astounded and was told that the NSW Government is looking to increase further services and may even bring back the full return of the Busways 755 bus service.

Well this would put the  icing on the cake for us, if it happened! I am not holding my breath as yet but I have heard something similar from an unconfirmed source but even better news - will you all know at the right time!

I know alcohol is not aloud on a bus but it could be champagne time for us soon! To everyone well done. If it does happen I will give up on better further public transport infrastructure in our area and further more Western Sydney. I just don't hope if it happens that services next door to us in Blacktown are  negatively affected. Other words pushed to another area!

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