Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Region 1 Masterplan

I (Blake) have been working long and hard on a new version of my Region 1 network and here is the final result:


I shall have the exact details of the routes when I have finished writing them but it is pretty straightforward now.

Please leave any feedback.


John said...

Wow! I'm blown by this. Making connections to places buses didn't take you before! You have placed a lot of thought, consideration and time on this Blake - you deserve all accolades from everyone for this wonderful plan!

Paul Falzon said...

Hi Blake, you have put some work into this. I'm just wondering where the corridors of high frequency service are and how you came to these decisions. Generally, places that generate a large amount of trips (e.g. hospitals, universities, shopping centers etc) get more frequent services. I'd be keen to learn more about the plan.

If you have a chance look at the NSW Service Planning Guidelines as this will make any work that you do more convincing - see http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/content/bus-service-planning-guidelines

Keep up the good work,



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