Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Support For Free Bus Shuttle - Unusual Reason!

More nice people I meet: Isaac, a gentleman from Rooty Hill - claims he has  some 'mechanical type' background on how Local Councils traffic work.  He has provided a unique and substantiating statement for support for the lobbying of a Mount Druitt  free bus shuttle run.

That is, taxi drivers will appreciate that there is a free bus shuttle loop that takes the disadvantaged and elderly commuters easily to the Mount Druitt Hospital, as the cost of taking them from the Mount Druitt taxi rank to  Mount Druitt Hospital, may not be that profitable for them. This is because because it would be a short trip and taxi drivers prefer it not be a short trip as longer trips trips means more dollars paid. Great suggestion Isaac - more support for free shuttle bus in an unusual way.

Mount Druitt Taxi Rank
                                            TO      Mount Druitt Hospital

Originally, my thoughts were that taxi drivers would not like business to be taken away from them - but now/today my thoughts have absolutely changed. I am more positive than ever  that lobbying for a free bus shuttle around Mount Druitt -would not have a dramatical affect taxi drivers occupations/trips.

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