Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Are Mount Druitt Commuters!

I always like the song and lyrics to I am Australian/ We are Australian by Bruce Woodley of the 'Seekers' and Dobe Newton of the 'Bushwackers'. The words have such great warm meaning to me and also to many more others, I have tonight provided the lyrics on a Mount Druitt Commuters Version:
I hope you like it!

We are Mount Druitt Commuters

I live in a suburb amongst this great Mount Druitt,
I am pensioner, a school child ,a parent of the community,
I teach the kids, I sell the food, I travel on the bus,
I'm worker that travels by trains and sometimes catches taxis.

We all need our buses, trains and taxis
To take us to shops, schools and visiting friends.
We need the return of taken away bus services,
To bring us all back to proper commuting life again.

I am a president of a local transport community group,
I'm commuter, council transport officer, a local politician that cares.
I hail the bus, I wait the train, I pay the taxi driver,
I  cycle round the suburbs as a hungry traveler

We want to travel in peace and safety in public transport within Mount Druitt,
So we ask anyone that wants to disrupt our transport system, to think twice,
We want everyone to be good to all transport officers,
Then we all can travel back home in such harmony and happiness.

We don't want to miss our bus or our trains,
We just want to them to be there on time, 
We don't Mount Druitt to be missed,
From future NSW Government transport plans.

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