Thursday, October 20, 2011

NSW Transport Track-Work Suggestions

How many people meet it is getting more and more, and all I can say each one has its own great qualities of being person who cares of public transport. The message is loud and clear, our  rail system is not perfect; not the best in Australia and not the best in the world. Yet suggestions, recommendations and great innovations can be implemented into our network rail system as long as there is the general public feedback  for support of it. Then and only then, we will be the best rail system in the world!

Ali, from Mount Druitt this morning was so passionate what we can do to assist him with his public transport issue.You see, he travels to work to Redfern Cityrail train 7 days a week and then walk 15 minutes the the University of Sydney. When the track-work is on  weekends , he struggles to understand why replacement buses take a longer time to reach their destination then trains.  He spend  2 hours each way reaching his destination, on track-work days He claims to alleviate this problem, would be best to have track-work for half a day, so that at least the other half of the day, the trains will run normal, shorter time to get home for example.

Well I think I solved his issue as I recommended that instead of getting an all stations bus to city or wherever it stops  catch an express Cityrail bus, that may save time - close to half the 2 hours travel.

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