Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lady Bus Commuter - Requires More Considerate Bus Drivers!

A nice young lady with her young child and pram had informed me that she has been ill-treated by bus drivers in the past. She explained what had happened to her.

She was entering a bus  and apparently had taken time to remove her child from the pram, fold her pram - bring her pram into the bus and the bus driver rudely said to her hurry up. I have seen bus drivers go out of their way, assist the commuter to get the pram onto the bus before. Not much now a days this doesn't happen. There's two suggestions to fix the problem - other commuters can assist as well as bus driver and  Bus drivers can have an electronic button on their dashboard that will open the outside luggage compartment, then the commuter pops the pram there - it is then shut until used.

She remembers one day a bus driver called an elderly lad an 'idiot', for what she considered as no reason.
Another time she remembers she entered a non-school bus full of school children (not a school bus) and was refused entry into the  bus because the bus was full!

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