Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Ideas From Commuters.....They're Brilliant!

I remember I met this man before and yesterday, commuting on the train to Mount Druitt. He was holding an extremely large picture he made on  the train  which later he explained is not for sale.
Earlier he made some suggestion about station assistants being used, being sent down to assist the City Rail Buses that travel when the track is being updated. It was also suggested that rather they work on the station they go downstairs and  help elderly get on buses. Also he suggested that Transit officers stop having hours  break at Parramatta Station and fix up the drug addicts that get the train in the mornings that sleep on the seats and take up room - you hardly see the transit officers do this on weekend mornings!

My thoughts are that CityRail Station staff are there to still sell tickets and take any train enquiries to assist any commuters. In relation to State Transit offers having 3 hour breaks they may or may not be true, yet I suppose what he means is he wants the transit officers to be seen in weekend mornings clearing the train of drunken sleepers, making if safer for all!

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