Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review Of Train Timetable Changes Commencing 23/10/2011!

After spending a bit of time  reviewing these train time changes I have come to the following conclusion:

On the Western Line there are 4 new services introduced commencing from:
  • 7.51am Schofields to North Sydney
  • 7.57am Central to Blacktown
  • 9.28am Penrith to Chatswood
  • 4.57pm North Sydney to Emu Plains
Other minor changes are: some trains leaving earlier than the previous time table from 1 minute to 1 hour, some trains picking up in the station before mentioned. Especially on the Richmond part of the Western Line, trains services are now departing from Schofields ( previously commencing from Quakers Hill) three minutes earlier.

We are please that there will be implemented new Nightriders on the Richmond section  from Blacktown of the Western Line and yet it appears there no increases to Nightriders on the Penrith to City part of the Western Line. Which is a little bit unfortunate, based on the  previous time table (11/10/2009) it is only running every half an hour where I think it should be every 20 minutes.

I understand the Richmond part of the Western Line had trialled Nightriders before a while ago and there were apparently not successful, as reported to myself from a CityRail Staff. So now we can  wait and see if this time commuters will make the Nightriders successful on Richmond part of the Western Line.

In relation to the Cumberland line, there are no changes and yet I believe commuters that catch the trains down in Campbelltown need  some more extra services, even to reach beyond Blacktown to the Penrith. There are commuters that require services to get to get Schools, work universities, friends and even shops. I would even suggest an Express Cumberland Line Service: Campbelltown, Liverpool, Cabramatta, Parramatta, Blacktown , Mount Druitt and Penrith. We will see how we go!

A Transport Officer advised that the City itself cannot take any more increased services into the city, the lines are full. What would be better is train shuttle service to shorter distances interconnecting with each other. Like from Nepean Valley area to Blacktown and then Blacktown Station to City. This would make Blacktown a feeder station.

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