Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Young Commuter Is Fascinated With Our Group!

Yes, now every day I am talking to strangers with ease. People that later on may meet me & say hello. I remember when I was young (very young) we were told by lady police officers visiting school, 'Not to talk to strangers or let Strangers talk to you'.
Well, I am not usually a shy person of late ( and I think that is because of my public standing within the community). I do do not want to promote myself and I always promote our local Group first and the Greater Western Sydney.There are still many people within the mount Druitt community that do not know of us.

So here comes the story of a young commuter i was talking to yesterday that was talking very mature about public transport with me. Little did i know that this young man was  also interested and group and fascinated in what we are doing. He was claiming that he had no real issues about public transport, except he prefers travelling at night were there are seats available, less packed trains compared to peak times. Although, he learnt that if you are sitting on steps on carriages you could be fines by a Sate Transit Officer for blocking commuting traffic. He travels From Mount Druitt to Central and  goes to school in Anzac Parade Kensington and finds leaving at 7.30am Mount Druitt, he will reach Kensington by 8.30am - great travelling!

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Anonymous said...

I know there is at least one school child who commutes from or beyond Mount Druitt by train daily, he does his school reading with either or both parents every morning. I guess his age to be "about 8".

I'm still wondering why Blacktown City Council doesn't have a map at this page, while Penrith's maps "overflow" to cover Mount Druitt:

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