Saturday, October 1, 2011

Three Transport Issues For Three NSW University Commuting Students

I can see that our young will have a bright future when you meet such lovely young men as I have met today.
Here was three young men doing their tertiary studies at University and commuting to and from University of New South Wales.- living from Rooty Hill to St Marys.

Here were the suggestions they would like to see improved whilst travelling on trains:
  • Free Wi-Fi on Trains so they can study using the Internet quietly, making train travelling more interesting
  • New seats as the seats they sit on are not that comfortable - the seats on the newer trains (only running in the city) - should be provided out west
  • In summertime they remember one time when  a female commuter became sick due to over crowdedness, not working air-conditioning on a heated day,during peak travel time - they claims to resolve this is to introduce more trains on the western line - generally covering Mount Druitt to St Marys Station.
So let's listen to these students and if the new NSW for Transport Department can read their minds , maybe they  can respond as quick as possible making the student travelling better and much improved.

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