Thursday, October 20, 2011

Unusual Great Train Announcements!

Usually in the mornings, everyone keeps to themselves, unless they have someone to talk too. Should you have someone to talk too, then the trip becomes faster and  better.and you don't sleep or take a nap.

This morning was different, at Blacktown Station, the guard was providing great train carriage announcements - that kept me busy and alert, providing service details as to which stations the train was stopping and in the middle said,' Hope you have a nice day 1'!

What a cheerful and great way for that transport officer to start his day and hopefully to other people commuting on this train.

Towards Seven Hills, the announcer provided information of, " New time train time tables available of website: 131500 or ring 131500 or pick it up from your local train station!' So nice and so please. When I left the train, a lady commuter was complimenting the guard - he deserved it - let's have these announcements every day!

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