Monday, October 31, 2011

Drivers Are The Best To Talk...!

Well a Westbus Bus Drive told me tonight of a  true Story where the bus could have turned into a 'Hospital Birth Centre'.

What happened, he pick a pregnant female passenger, who commuted on the Westbus 780 that made her wonder what she can do from here. She assumed the bus was travelling all the way to Nepean Hospital, but the driver alarmed her of the termination of that particular bus service -  her response was she was heading to Nepean Hospital to give birth. As a good Samaritan, the driver offered to take her to Mount Druitt interchange and then she could another bus service to Nepean Hospital or even catch a train. Phew.... at least he didn't become the midwife in case she was giving birth. This may present at question should there be medical staff on transport vehicles? Let's pose this question!

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