Thursday, October 6, 2011

Transport Missile Thrower Caught By Community Member!

I will be presenting the following story told to me, true to the fact given to me. I have not coloured this story to place the 'young person' concerned on a public punishing block. I have presented it, so that others understand the old expression, 'Crime doesn't pay!':

Shane, a community member from one of the suburbs of Mount Druitt advised of a true incident that occurred to him. He witnessed a young missile (rock) thrower on a bus in a certain suburb of Mount Druitt, about one - two years ago. The youngster left the scene, leaving the bus damaged and the bus driver frightened and had pride doing it.

A few days later where Shane lived, he had recognised the same youth walking around in the neighbourhood. He approached the youth and  held the youth until the police came.

This youth was in shock as to why he was held against his will as Shane told him the reason The youth didn't think is was too concerning for himself when he replied, 'So what?'

And so the story goes, the police came and apprehended  the youth,  whilst Shane took on his cause of being a witness in the youths court-case, ensuring justice had been done.

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