Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Transport Compared to Pakistan's Public Transport!

 In some places around the world Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney has better public transport infrastructure than other. Khalid from Mount Druitt mostly travels by car to work but today was his first time on public transport City Rail trains comments on comparison of transport in Pakistan.

he admits the CityRail's trains and buses are better than Pakistan  as in Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney we have timetables - there is no such thing as that over there.Thus there is less   planned transport infrastructure, yet 90% of the population will catch  public transport. There is a feeling in Pakistan that the Railway will be closing closing as it cannot meet debts to creditors and thus will leave a complete big gap is commuters  reaching their destination. bus & trains come whenever and their transport similar to taxis is rickshaws. Very Interesting!  I wish a majority of our population catch public transport in Western Sydney and even Mount Druitt! I can only hope!

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