Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Commuters Feel Increase In City Rail Patronage - Mount Druitt Commuter

I overheard a public transport conversation between two male commuters and I could stop and  join in. Public transport to me, is such an interesting topic - although I couldn't talk about it twenty-four hours!

The interesting part mentioned by one of the men was that in the last twelve years is that there are more and more people using City Rail trains now compared to then. back then there would have been twelve to fifteen people  on this train service in the morning now there are at least twenty to twenty-five people entering the carriage from each doorway into the carriage and yet  this gentleman feels that the train service is quite adequate to accommodate the current patronage. 

It is in the future there fear that there may be over-crowdedness and possible 'missing train services' due to over-crowdedness. Thus that is where the NSW Long term Transport Master Plan would take over to cater for the future:

Click here for the NSW Long Term Master Plan

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