Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Committee for Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. 2013-2014

I would like to thank the group members who have understood the time needed to get over a loss of someone close, as previously mentioned. Click Here for further details

Whilst I have been away and not able to attend, the Annual General Meeting for the group was held on the 25th May 2013 and I am proud to announce that Angela Plows has been elected President. Angela has worked tirelessly hard in her role as Secretary and stood up for the group on many occasions, advocating for all improvements on bus routes that have not been fully returned, also improvements on all aspects of public transport in and around Mount Druitt.

Anne Goncalves has been re-elected Vice-President, has been a great Vice-President chairing meetings in the past, when I wasn't able too, as a former President. Allan (Beresford) Bourmann re-elected Treasurer- who manages our accounts as careful as the Country's Treasurer - based on small funds we manage. Debbie Robertson, Publicity Officer - who carries our  group to communities and promotes the goodness our group does. Finally, myself elected as Secretary, change of role as part of a leadership team that represents the public transport community in seeking the right improvements for the area.

Personally, I am honoured that the group has elected myself on the Committee (even though I wasn't available for personal reasons) and hope that the group and community entrust new faith and hope to the new role that I have been elected to do. In saying that, if I was going to be present at the meeting I would have cast my vote for Angela Plows as President. She so much deserves it and I'm sure Angela will enjoy her new role as we work together in complete harmony during the oncoming year.

To Hugh Worrall from WSPTU, thank you for chairing the meeting and guiding the meeting through its election. I appreciate the support  you have provided to the group.

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