Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Commuter Loved By Myself - Now Deceased!

I have not published a blog for a very good personal reason - the last few days. Although, it has been very stressful and highly emotional times. it is with this, I now let you know that a very close family public transport commuter from Kingsford has passed away recently.

Yes, my mother died peacefully yesterday and in loving memory of my Mum I would like to thank her for her kindest of words for  supporting what I am doing on advocating for improved and better public transport within Mount Druitt and Western Sydney. 

I have published one or two blogs on her struggles in using public transport on the Western Line (getting to my residence), whilst  there was some track work. Where it took her four hours one weekend to get to our place and also four hours return the very next day or so. I advised her, that to overcome the related track work weekends, she would need to come over on Fridays and leave on Mondays.

So Mum,  I now pray to God that you are blessed to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven travelling in eternal forever peace!


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