Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Different Strategy To Get To Mount Druitt Bus Interchange/Train Station

Something strange happened on the bus on Monday morning, which I had to ask the bus driver to relief my curiosity. He was asked this question, when we reached Mount Druitt.

Travelling on buses for nearly twenty-three years within and outside of Mount Druitt and this thing never happened to me ever before. I remember in the early days, buses used to wait at the bus stop on Bulolo Drive anywhere from one minute to five minutes and that was for the bus drivers to ensure they are running to 'on time timetables'.

Yet, after leaving my bus stop on the outwards journey to Mount Druitt, the bus was travelling at a speed of approximately 35-40 kilometres. Normally, bus drivers travel the speed limit to reach Mount Druitt bus interchange quicker. So when I asked the bus driver nicely what was the problem with the bus (I thought it was a mechanical issue). he explained that they have to go slower to meet the bus time tables. If they go too fast, they will not be able to pick up commuters on the way to the train station.

Next day, being today, adifferent bus driver drove the normal speed limit this morning of 50 Kilometres!

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