Thursday, May 16, 2013

More Money Spent On City Rail Trains And Drivers - Seven Hills Commuter

A very nice Macquarie University Student, Gaurav from Seven Hills travels to Macquarie park via the Westbus 611. which he finds is very good bus service that take him 20 minutes to get to Macquarie Park and also on a separate trip return.

One of the improvements he would like to see in public transport is the AM City Rail,  delays in the morning up to 20 minutes late that happens to his friends travelling to the City and also happens to himself, when he works. Sometimes when his friends get to work, their bosses where they work are upset  with them as they are not arriving on time.

He advice was that money does need to be spent on our government in improvements in trains and importantly drivers and maybe more rail tracks need to  planned to move more commuters to more parts of Sydney and the  Greater Western Sydney. Reference was made to 'The Sydney Age' where there was an article  about India's railway where there has been a growth in Rail public transport, focus in rail public transport train services every 20 minutes and a 200 per cent profit per annum.

Click here for an example of India growth of Rail Public Transport - The Age Melbourne

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