Monday, May 13, 2013

Barriers For Commuters!

Getting to train station barriers can be daunting and surprising if you are not ready for them! Okay, what is meant by this statement?

The idea is you have tour train ticket as you enter the train station.  It is placed into the opening insert then automatically it feeds the ticket through the ' electronic reader', pops out with 'Green' for 'Go' or 'Red' for 'No Go!' You then you pick up your ticket and the electronic gates open. This leaves you a few seconds to walk through pass the electronic ticket barrier and then to your platform. The same action is done when exiting a train station.

Now, sometimes there are Police Officers with sniffer dogs on both sides of the barriers, just waiting to catch the fare evader. When entering the barriers from he platform, these officers are seen and commuters not holding tickets are slow walking to find their tickets.

Another time, everyone arrives at the barrier at the same time with no tickets at hand and then all them are searching for their ticket, a few seconds later one has a ticket and all other commuters go through the barrier. As looking for tickets, everyone is looking at each other to see who finds their ticket first. This is what happened tonight and I know the new electronic ticketing system ' tap and go' - this wouldn't happen!

People will have their electronic cards ready to go! How will this be policed?

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