Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bus Stops And People Wait To Be Released!

Greg, a local community member from Lethbridge Park,  has reported to me in the past a few public transport incidents that have happened to him in the past. I've always known Greg as a travelling Public Transport commuter, for more than twenty years.

Yesterday he was travelling on the Westbus 759 and the bus exit from the Mount Druitt bus interchange it went along North Parade and  turned right into Oxford Lane Street and the bus lost power just before the round about at Kurrajong Avenue.

There was a twenty minute wait and the bus driver kept the commuters on the bus and would not release them from the bus until the replacement bus came. Although the bus driver didn't say much as soon as the replaced bus he released the doors open and then the commuters were let off to join the  replacement bus.

So the question was, couldn't the bus driver release the doors open and allow the commuters to walk 5 - 10 minutes back to Mount  Druitt, so they could catch their bus.

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