Thursday, May 2, 2013

Further Commuter Comments (As Petitions Are Being Signed) For The Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus!

The last week there has been a stream of comments that come from different people who commute on public transport and I truly do not want to make it one sided and provide  both sides, if and when I can. It is important I report this you the way I see it and each  minute, each hour, each day and month I am getting more encourage by the people that live in this great place of Mount Druitt. There is a 'people care' attitude going around the area.

I even have a lady called Naomi, who  had seen myself today, just after I got one signature and  asked if she could help with Rooty Hill shops. I could not refuse as she was happy that I was doing a good job, she wanted to help!

She advised she will visit the Rooty Hill tobacconist, Imperial Hotel, Lynch Chemist, Rooty Hill Medical Centre and the Rooty Hill Chemist. Wow again my job is done!

Another lady, young said she knows her work colleagues will complete 2 pages  of the petition and return to us.

Here are the further comments, you have been waiting for:

  • You're a legend!
  • You won't get the free shuttle bus in Mount Druitt and that is why I will not sign it - response from different commuter: when the Free Shuttle Bus comes in he will be the first one to want to use it - where will  his signature be on the petition, then!
  • It will provide great connections for great people.
  • Good on you!
  • Best of luck!
  • Does the shuttle bus start tonight!
  • Does it go to the city of Sydney!
  • I work along the route - it will be good for me.
  • I'm not interested I live in George Street and have a car! -  response from me: we have other people from George Street that have signed the petition!
  • I like walking!
  • The Parramatta shuttle bus is successful, why  shouldn't the Mount Druitt Shuttle bus be successful.
  • It is a convenient service for the people.

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