Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Suggestion For Improvements to Mount Druitt Bus Interchange Required - Mount Druitt Commuter!

This is a quote from Ron on the Western Sydney Public Transport Users - Face Book Group: 

Arriving at the Mount Druitt Bus interchange about 10am, The interchange had come to a standstill. A private car had caused an accident between two buses at the drop off zone. It appeared the private car caused a Busways bus to brake hard causing a Westbus to ram the rear left hand side of the Busways causing extensive damage to both buses . Police were on site when we arrived. This was one rare occasion I didn`t have a camera with me. This demonstrates just how much more space is needed for these buses and this interchange as it is now is an avoidable disaster waiting to happen. Same to are the single door buses, sure there are items to brake glass. Tell me how injured people may be able to brake glass in an emergency?

Click here for the Western Sydney Public Transport Users Face Book Group: make sure you are registered on Face Book

Editors Notes: This is something not only myself but other members of our group have been advocating for and will lobby the relevant government bodies to do this.

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