Friday, May 10, 2013

Solar-Powered Trains- Quakers Hill Commuter

I meet lots of interesting public transport commuters every day, some of them (actually most of them) are astounded to how I approach them, provide them with our details, so that they take up  further and future interest in public transport travelling.

So, as I discuss local transport issues and/or ask them for public transport improvements, sometimes, I think I don't have much time to talk to them. Yet, we do our best.

This evening, I met Kazi and his wife (who was sleeping), yet was very attentive as I was speaking to Kazi in relation to public transport topics. Kazi travels by City Rail trains from Quakers Hill to Town Hall and return during the week, Monday to Fridays.

He and his wife find the general riding of trains bumpy and that track work maintenance should make other lines (for trains to travel on) to make rail trips flow easier.

 He also claims free Wi-Fi connection should be supplied on train carriages making it easier for each commuter to use the Internet with their electronic gadgets, keeping them entertained, whilst on the journey and  placing them in their own comfort zones.

Finally, he was also presenting a suggestion that should be accepted by City Rail to reduce ticketing prices and that is advertising billboards alongside the railway. This would promote a net earning income and commuters could be influenced by the making decision to purchase products and services advertised.

Then, his wife mentioned that the NSW for Transport and City Rail Managers, should look into the future for a solar-powered train, so that the NSW Government will save costs in the long term.

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