Monday, May 13, 2013

A Petition Signed For Another Petition To Be Signed!

I  didn't know that I could bargain with a lady that was asking me to sign her petition on 'Banning Body Organs being sold in China'.

So as I was sitting down on the bench on platform 1, Mount Druitt train station. Then came out of nowhere: a lady wanted me to sign the above petition (as mentioned). So I asked her, would she sign the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus petition and she so agreed. There was a young man, next to me and he was quite willing to sign our petition as well and all of us were happy!

The lady had no objection to signing our petition and I think was bewildered that somebody else would offer another petition as a bargaining tool! She in her own way, quitely accepted it and then quietly she moved away.

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