Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Strategy To Inform Commuters Of Mount Druitt Proposed Free Shuttle Bus Petition!

The last few weeks I have lobbying as hard as I can, to ask commuters if they would like to sign a Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition. Whilst I have been doing this, I sometimes choose different areas within Mount Druitt of heavy walking traffic corridors, to achieve the ultimate goal of having at least one signature on the petition.

So, as I have been using my voice I have noticed some commuters do not want to hear me as they may not be aware of what I am doing. Some commuters have Ipods, radios from mobile phones (with ear pieces plugged into ears), and look straight, some look straighter and their eyes don't even look at me on purpose, some quickly see me and on purpose ignore me. 

This doesn't deter what I am doing, as I understand these commuters are either rushing to catch their trains or their buses, get home or to go to work quickly.

I now am using a new strategy that also appears to be working for the first time I have used it. I am using a simple sign that is eye catching and commuters can read it. I think what I need to do is make the word 'Free' eye catching by enlarging it. I have had commuters read it and come up immediately sign it. Now I am speechless!

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