Thursday, June 27, 2013

Western Sydney Area Employment Hub Needs Earlier Bus Services From Mount Druitt!

I met a keen worker who wanted to make his statements to myself today in relation to public transport.

He travels from Tregear by Westbus 780 to Mount Druitt early in the mornings during the week and then transfers buses, to catch the 723 to Eastern Creek.  His issue here is as a butcher, he has been asked by his employer to start work at 4 am. Yet due to public transport, he cannot meet his employers requested commitment and  cannot do this. The earliest 723 bus leaving Mount Druitt is 5.23 am during the weekdays.

In the mornings there is a patronage rate of 2-5 commuters catching the 723 bus, thus there is a slight need to provide earlier bus services to cater for the important employees who need to reach the Western Sydney Employment Hub. This is an employment growth area and and if we enter into the dark ages and not support  work with early and late buses, this will just not work.

He also feels that there is a price inequality in relation to paying fares as he is paying for a Weekly Multi Three ticket - which covers three zones, yet he is travelling in one zone and pay $61 per week. He should be paying for one zone - which would reduce his weekly fares fairly.

The last item, he thinks is important, is workers, tax payers, people with disabilities, pensioners and pregnant ladies must be given a preference to a sit on buses! Extremely important fact!

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