Monday, June 3, 2013

Buses Should Stop Right Beside The Concrete Slabs On Bus Stops!

I know there is one thing that may mean not that much or even be important to you. Yet, they are small issues that may be meaningful to others. In summary, it is important when you fine tune issues, roll them out, fix them and then they are final for proper usage, making life easier.

So the issue I am facing is, when a bus nears a bus stop that has got alongside a concrete slab, and it over stops, misses the concrete slab. Then you tend to walk on dirt/grass which misses the objectives of the Local Government Councils like Blacktown following the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, under the Human Rights Commission, where they are making more bus stops more accessible (as mentioned in previous blogs).

So, maybe Council's can ensure bus drivers actually stop as near as possible on the side where the concrete slab is or has been placed on the bus stop. Otherwise stepping outside of this area, represents a disrespect to the above mentioned Act.

In the meantime, I have heard from a transport officer that Blacktown City Council is way in front compared to other Council's in Western Sydney, in getting all bus stops accessible. Although, some being difficult: having slopes and different gradients, creating different engineering ways to plan and place the concrete slab on bus stops. It was told to me some Council's haven't even started!

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