Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mount Druitt Buses Need Improved Services To Reduce Car Commuters And Match Other Areas In Sydney!

Yesterday, I spoke to Paul from Erskine Park, who has moved from Strathfield and has seen the growth in the amount of commuters at Mount Druitt train station increase as more and more people are deciding to catch public transport at the expense of  leaving their car at home. 

He claimed it was a culture shock to come to Mount Druitt from Strathfield to find that he came from an area in Sydney that has  great train services and efficient bus services, which runs every 5- 10 minutes and yet coming to Mount Druitt, but services are not as adequate and frequent as he feels it should be. This is the reason why he carpools to the Mount Druitt train station.

Providing efficient and reliable public transport, in all areas of Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney can place more people out of using private cars and thus more people using buses and then trains to reach their daily  transport needs.

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