Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Technology Surprises Commuters In Mount Druitt!

Although, I have just been back getting trains to and from work yesterday after a two week period being on leave, I was shocked  yesterday, to see that new Technology is coming to Mount Druitt Train Station.

We as a group have been lobbying with the Western Line  Customer Service Manager, Dimitri Hondros and I know he has been pushing for these improvements for quite a long while and I take my hat off to him for doing so. I remember last year he said it is work in progress and could take up to ten years for this to eventuate in Mount Druitt, Rooty Hill and Doonside train stations. They are all to be upgraded. Well it really please me that City Rail cares and are starting to make head waves with Mount Druitt.

So what is it: new electronic indicators on the top of the concourse, I think the commuters response in Mount Druitt will be 'About Time'. Mine is 'You beauty!'

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