Friday, June 14, 2013

More Free Flowing Comments On The Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition!

A lot of times I have to explain the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Route to all signatories of the Petition, yet today I had a couple people say - 'That I've already sold it by mentioning the words Free Shuttle Bus Petition', leaving them saying. No need to mention anything else'  & they sign it.

This makes my volunteering job easier and makes another group members and community members life easier, because it is a simple realistic service that is required to improve community links within the community, bringing more people together.

A young lady also said she signed the petition so that it will make it easier for her to get to the Shop Smart area (save her walking), spend more money with her friends and her friends can carry all her shopping bags on the bus back home.

A young man tonight said  he hoped, 'I'd' get the Proposed Free Shuttle bus for the community. I disagreed, I suggested that 'We will all get the Proposed Free Shuttle bus for all the community'!

Another lady from Blacktown  advised the she fully supports the Blacktown Free Shuttle Bus and in turn will do the same for Mount Druitt as  she find they both provide essential public transport link to get the people to essential and vital services that can be sometimes hard to achieve.

Another young man was saying to me, 'Thank you for doing what your doing, we need more people like you  - as you are doing something good for Mount Druitt - people will really appreciate it!

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