Monday, June 17, 2013

Invitation For NSW Premier And/Or NSW Minister Of Transport Invited To Catch Our Trains - Erskine Park Commuter!

Karen from Erskine Park, travels on the Westbus 775 to Mount Druitt train station and catches trains on the Western Line to Ashfield. Generally around 7 am, if  she misses the train, she can get an all stations train and then that adds 25 minutes to her trip.

She recommends more regular trains services (what she calls semi-fast trains) that stop less frequently allowing her to leave the train at Strathfield and change for Ashfield. These extra services should be run in peak hour every 10-12 minutes especially from 5.30 am to 7.10 am.

She would like the NSW Government to look at the demographics of the population, which shows number of workers travelling and catching the 7 am train, missed it and then travel the way she does. It is suggested that both the NSW Premier and the NSW Minister  of Transport should be invited to catch her train and if service is missed, they will be able to see  how she then travels and understand.

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