Sunday, June 23, 2013

Former Mount Druitt Commuter With Public Transport Discussions!

I met Ping, a middle aged lady originally from Mount Druitt, moved to Parramatta and still uses public transport to and from Mount Druitt.

She remembers talking to myself a while ago and I didn't take down written notes, yet we had good strong discussion with public transport. I don't recall the time, yet I do recall her face and her kind nature. I'm also pretty sure it was just open discussion and maybe a blog was published from it, based on our conversation. This time I took down notes.....

Ping wanted to inform us that future public transport improvements by using the new electronic ticketing 'tap & go' system, will be a step in the right direction. It will provide less waiting time purchasing tickets at train stations and buses,as payments will be deducted out of bank accounts or paid at designated local shops that will accept payments - she cannot wait for this to happen!

It appears Saturday trains are late due to railway employees  past history of rejected pay increases.She is also concerned of the level of Customer Service from City Rail employees if  questions are asked about directions, reference is being made to look at the 'Electronic Notice Board!' Train announcements made by City Rail staff usually indicate the next wrong train station coming up, which can be confusing to commuters, as well!

Finally, with buses around Mount Druitt, there shouldn't be late buses at all, as there is no little or no traffic congestions in Mount Druitt.

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